CCSA All-Conference Team Named


The CCSA named their All-Conference team this past weekend. These athletes are the ten top ranked men’s and women’s racers from the conference for 2016. Northern Michigan University took 12 of the available 20 spots by placing six women and six men on each of the All-conference teams.

The women of Northern Michigan had three of their six named to the first All-Conference team with, Felicia Gesior, Vivian Hett and Sophie Schimpl, while Nicole Schneider, Caroline Brisbois and Sophie McDonald took three of the five available spots on the second team.

The University of Alaska Fairbanks put two women on the All-Conference team with Anne-Tine Markset (first team) and Nicole Bathe (second team). The last two spots on the women’s side were taken by Michigan Tech’s Andrea Lee (first team) and the College of Saint Scholastica’s Kelsey Dickinson (second team).

On the men’s side, the entire first team was comprised of Northern Michigan skiers, Adam Martin, Ian Torchia, Jake Brown, Sam Elfstrom and Fredrik Schwencke. Michigan Tech’s Gaspard Cuenot led the men’s second team followed by Krystof Kopal of Northern Michigan, University of Alaska Fairbanks’ Michael Fehrenbach, University of Wisconsin Green Bay’s Matt Nichols and Reitler Hodgert of Saint Scholastica taking the final spot of the CCSA’s All-Conference men’s team.

CCSA All-Conference Women Team 1

  1. Felicia Gesior – NMU
  2. Andrea Lee – MTU
  3. Vivian Hett – NMU
  4. Sophie Schimpl – NMU
  5. Anne-Tine Markset – UAF

CCSA All-Conference Women Team 2

  1. Nicole Schneider – NMU
  2. Nichole Bathe – UAF
  3. Kelsey Dickinson – CSS
  4. Caroline Brisbois – NMU
  5. Sophie McDonald – NMU

CCSA All-Conference Mens Team 1

  1. Adam Martin – NMU
  2. Ian Torchia – NMU
  3. Jake Brown – NMU
  4. Sam Elfstrom – NMU
  5. Fredrik Schwencke – NMU

CCSA All-Conference Mens Team 2

  1. Gaspard Cuenot – MTU
  2. Krystof Kopal – NMU
  3. Michael Fehrenbach – UAF
  4. Matt Nichols – UWGB
  5. Reitler Hodgert – CSS