U.S. National Championships Part 1

CCSA News, Race Results

The CCSA has had a superb start to the new year at the U.S. National Championships in Houghton. Thursday was the skate sprints, and the CCSA put a mark on the field. In the men’s race, three skiers made the top 10- with Kjetil Baanerud (NMU) crushing the heats to get 4th in the final, and Tobi Moosman (NMU) and Mathias Rolid (NMU) placing 9th and 10th in the semi-finals. Seven CCSA women made the top 30 and skied in the senior heats. Amanda Kautzer (MTU) led the women in 7th, and freshman Molly Miller snuck into the top 10, as the first junior. Sarah Goble (MTU), Henriette Semb (MTU), and Katerina Hyncicova (NMU) finished in the top 20. In the junior heats, Adam Witowski navigated the heats to place 7th, Gus Schatzlein finished 9th, and Savanna Fassio finished 4th in the girl’s race. 

MTU's Adam leading his heat

MTU’s Witowski leading his heat


Friday brought on another day of strong results for the Central conference with the women starting the day in the 10k skate individual start. Leading the girls was Sarah Goble who had a monster day finishing in 18th. Right behind her was Henriette Semb and Hilde Eide (NMU) in 22 and 23, respectively. In the men’s 15k, Patrick Acton (MTU) led the charge with Kjetil Baanerud (NMU) close behind.

MTU's Kauzter and Goble chasing the eventual National Champion

MTU’s Kauzter and Goble chasing the eventual National Champion


Tomorrow, teams get a break from the action, and racing starts back up again on Sunday with the classic mass starts.