2010 Skiing Championships Selections Released The NCAA Men’s and Women’s Skiing Committee announced today 2010 Championship Selections


NCAA Release

INDIANAPOLIS – The NCAA Men’s and Women’s Skiing Committee announced today the 74 men and 74 women selected to participate in the 2010 National Collegiate Men’s and Women’s Skiing Championships, to be held March 10-13 at the Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club and Howelsen Hill Ski Area in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. The championships will be hosted by the University of Colorado, Boulder.

Participants are selected on a regional basis from two designated regions for Alpine skiing (East and West Regions) and three designated regions for Nordic skiing (Central, East and West Regions). Bids are awarded to regions using a formula determined by the skiing committee. A maximum of 12 student-athletes (three per gender per discipline) may participate from an institution.

Alpine events will run March 10 and 12 at Steamboat Springs. The men’s and women’s giant slaloms will be held March 10 at Mt. Werner, with the men’s and women’s slaloms conducted March 12 at Howelsen Hill.

Nordic events will be held March 11 and 13 at Howelsen Hill. The men’s 10-kilometer and women’s five-kilometer classical cross-country races will be conducted March 11. The women’s 15-kilometer and men’s 20-kilometer freestyle races will be held March 13.

Highlights of the skiing championships will be shown on CBS at 1 p.m. Eastern time, Saturday, May 1. CBS Sports Presents Championships of the NCAA will feature highlights of 17 different NCAA championships, each taking place during the winter season.

PARTICIPANTS BY DISCIPLINE AND REGION (listed alphabetically by name):

East Region – Men East Region – Women
Paul Atkinson, New Hampshire Veronique Archambault-Leger, New Hampshire
Chris Colpitts, Vermont Dana Breakstone, Colby
Mike Cremeno, New Hampshire Laurel Carter, Williams
David Donaldson, Vermont Ashley-Kate Durham, St. Lawrence
Alex Dyroff, Williams Nicole Dvorak, Middlebury
Willie Ford, New Hampshire Aileen Farrell, New Hampshire
Erik Gilbert, Vermont Courtney Hammond, Dartmouth
Brad Harden, St. Michael’s Lyndee Janowiak, Vermont
Bump Heldman, Bates Valerie Kechian, Vermont
Josh Kernan, Colby Marie-Elaine Lepine, New Hampshire
Trevor Leafe, Dartmouth Geordie Lonza, Williams
Vincent Lebrun-Fortin, Colby Emily Porter, Williams
Jacob Lund, Middlebury Annie Rendall, Dartmouth
Ben Manter, Bates Kelsey Roddick, Dartmouth
Luke McLaughry, Dartmouth Meg Ryley, Vermont
Bobby Poehling, Middlebury Tasha Woodworth, Middlebury
Bryan Shpall, Middlebury
Ace Tarberry, Dartmouth

West Region – Men West Region – Women
Christopher Acosta, New Mexico Anne Cecilie Brusletto, New Mexico
Andreas Adde, Alaska Anchorage Lindsay Cone, Denver
AJ Avrin, Denver Ida Dillingoen, Denver
Chris Barber, Montana State Kayla Fry, Alaska Anchorage
Petter Brenna, New Mexico Petra Gantnerova, Alaska Anchorage
Halfdan Falkum-Hansen, Alaska Anchorage Erika Ghent, Colorado
Martin Harris, Nevada Amy Harris, Nevada
Andreas Kilde, Denver Katie Hartman, Colorado
Leif Kristian Haugen, Denver Malin Hemmingsson, New Mexico
Torjus Krogdahl, Utah Erika Horst, Nevada
Kyle Kung, Utah Eva Huckova, Utah
Max Lamb, Utah Anna Kocken, Utah
Michael Mackie, Montana State Amy Lattimer, Montana State
Spencer Nelson, Colorado Carolina Nordh, Colorado
Gabriel Rivas, Colorado Alex Parker, Alaska Anchorage
Drew Roberts, Colorado Nicole Poleschuk, Nevada
Thomas Schwab, New Mexico Sofia Smith, Utah
Jennie VanWagner, Denver
Kate Williams, New Mexico

Central Region – Men Central Region – Women
Chris Bowler, Northern Michigan Laura DeWitt, Northern Michigan
Jens Brabbit, Gustavus Adolphus Carolyn Freeman, Green Bay
George Cartwright, Northern Michigan Christina Gillis, Northern Michigan
Kevin Cutts, Northern Michigan Aurelia Korthauer, Alaska Fairbanks
Tyler Kornfield, Alaska Fairbanks Monica Markvardsen, Northern Michigan
Oskar Lund, Michigan Tech Henna Riikonen-Purtsi, Michigan Tech
Santiago Ocariz, Green Bay Theresia Schnurr, Alaska Fairbanks
John Parry, Alaska Fairbanks

East Region – Men East Region – Women
Franz Bernstein, Vermont Anya Bean, New Hampshire
Wyatt Fereday, Colby Jennie Bender, Vermont
Patrick Johnson, Middlebury Katie Bono, Dartmouth
Benjamin Knowles, St. Lawrence Rosie Brennan, Dartmouth
Nils Koons, Dartmouth Caitlin Curran, Vermont
Dimitri L├╝thi, Williams Claire Egan, Wellesley
Dylan McGuffin, New Hampshire Lauren Fritz, Middlebury
Patrick O’Brien, Dartmouth Lucy Garrec, Colby
Eric Packer, Dartmouth Natasha Kullas, New Hampshire
Zachary Wetherell, St. Lawrence Alice Nelson, Williams
Eric Wolcott, St. Lawrence Caitlin Patterson, Vermont
Natalie Ruppertsberger, Bates
Ida Sargent, Dartmouth

West Region – Men West Region – Women
Elias Bucher, Nevada Jaime Bronga, Alaska Anchorage
Tor Christopherson, Alaska Anchorage Kate Dolan, Denver
Andrew Dougherty, Denver Mari Elden, Denver
Matt Gelso, Colorado Polina Ermoshina, New Mexico
Tor-Hakon Hellebostad, New Mexico Maria Graefnings, Nevada
Miles Havlick, Utah Eliska Hajkova, Colorado
Martin Kaas, New Mexico Steffi Hiemer, Alaska Anchorage
Vegard Kjoelhamar, Colorado Rose Kemp, Utah
Martin Liljemark, Utah Kaelin Kiesel, Montana State
Harald Loevenskiold, Denver Linn Klaesson, New Mexico
Pierre Niess, New Mexico Casey Kutz, Montana State
Jesper Ostensen, Colorado Sarah MacCarthy, Utah
Tyler Reinking, Montana State Antje Maempel, Denver
Bernhard Roenning, Montana State Mellie Park, Montana State
Michael Schallinger, Alaska Anchorage Joanne Reid, Colorado
Ryan Scott, Montana State Laura Rombach, Alaska Anchorage
Charlie Smith, Nevada Kristin Ronnestrand, Nevada
Didrik Smith, Utah Zoe Roy, Utah
Kristian Soerlund, Denver Alexa Turzian, Colorado
Lex Treinen, Alaska Anchorage

Participants By Institution Men’s Alpine Women’s Alpine Men’s Nordic Women’s Nordic Total
Alaska Anchorage 2 3 3 3 11
Alaska Fairbanks 0 0 2 2 4
Bates 2 0 0 1 3
Colby 2 1 1 1 5
Colorado 3 3 3 3 12
Dartmouth 3 3 3 3 12
Denver 3 3 3 3 12
Green Bay 0 0 1 1 2
Gustavus Adolphus 0 0 1 0 1
Michigan Tech 0 0 1 1 2
Middlebury 3 2 1 1 7
Montana State 2 1 3 3 9
Nevada 1 3 2 2 8
New Hampshire 3 3 1 2 9
New Mexico 3 3 3 2 11
Northern Michigan 0 0 3 3 6
St. Lawrence 0 1 3 0 4
St. Michael’s 1 0 0 0 1
Utah 3 3 3 3 12
Vermont 3 3 1 3 10
Wellesley 0 0 0 1 1
Williams 1 3 1 1 6

The University of Denver will enter the 2010 National Collegiate Men’s and Women’s Skiing Championships as the two-time defending champion after claiming its record 20th title at last year’s championships in Maine. The Pioneers earned 659 team points, finishing more than 56 points ahead of the University of Colorado, Boulder, who claimed the second-place position. The University of New Mexico finished just a half point behind Colorado to finish third.

Denver’s Antje Maempel claimed individual titles in both of the women’s Nordic events, while the men’s Nordic titles were split between Vermont’s Juergen Uhl, who claimed the 10-kilometer classical title, and Colorado’s Vegard Kjoelhamar, who won the 20-kilometer freestyle race.

On the Alpine side, giant slalom titles were won by Lindsay Cone of St. Lawrence University and David Donaldson of the University of Vermont. Gabriel Rivas claimed the men’s slalom individual title for Colorado while Malin Hemmingsson brought the women’s title home for the University of New Mexico.